"Her footwork is clean and her jab is stiff.  For a fighter who at first feared contact, she moves easily." 

- Justin Porter for The New York Times 




The Champion Experience was created to inspire others to explore their strength, power, and athletic abilities through fitness. The program applies techniques from Boxing and Muay Thai disciplines. 

I strongly believe that training should be challenging, yet achievable. Seeking the determination to pursue a challenge will forge a contender and having the grit to push through a performance will rise a champion.


With every strike powered by blood, sweat, and tears you will burn calories, tone lean muscle, target your core, and enhance your creativity. Whether you are training for fitness, fun, self-defense, or competition; you will soar like the phoenix who rose from it's ashes.


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Workout to the beat of your own rope, create a flexible schedule, and bring out the best in yourself with a custom program tailored

to your needs.


Tag along your accountability partner and challenge each other. What better way to measure your growth, strengthen a bond, or participate in a partner exercise?


Book a private self-defense seminar for your university, corporate office, or party for up to 30 people and learn

clinch techniques (derived from Muay Thai) that will

help you escape surrendered positions.


Book online video chat training sessions

and train in the comfort of your home/office.



What to Expect:

I pride myself in training clients as if they are preparing for the ring. Each session will be aerobically challenging, yet achievable, and you will always leave feeling like a champion.


First Quarter:

Drill boxing fundamentals such as footwork, proper striking technique, and defense.

Improve your reaction time, hand-eye-coordination, and muscle memory.​

Second Quarter:

Learn how to apply your footwork and striking into shadowboxing and on the heavy-bag. Increase both your punching power and speed.


​Practice your offense and defense with sparring drills. Tweak your accuracy and technique.

Third Quarter:

Perform better with sessions that will perfect your weaknesses and sharpen your strengths. Increase your athleticism with boxing-oriented conditioning exercises.

Test your skills in live sparring and assess the areas you need to improve in. Determine what adjustments need to be made to enhance your performance.

Fourth Quarter:

Now that you've reached a paramount moment in your journey where your training is no longer cognitive, you've created paths for more technical growth, and you've solidified your foundation - it's time to create new goals and renovate your training program.

*Time frame may vary depending on skill level and attendance.

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